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Connecting with the Irish Genealogy Toolkit: Effective Ways to Get in Touch

I have reluctantly come to accept that I can no longer respond to research queries. With all due respect, it simply wouldn’t be practical for me to spend so many hours each week dealing with an ever-increasing backlog, especially as many answers already exist within these 200 pages of free advice provided here.

If your questions are more specific, directing them towards RootsChat Ireland or can help provide experienced family historians to assist. Alternatively, Facebook boasts an expansive community of Irish genealogists available as well.

If you need to reach me for non-research reasons, such as sharing resources or events for my Irish Genealogy News blog, don’t hesitate to do so. I will strive to respond as quickly as possible but please remember I am only one person with other work and family commitments so it may take me up to several weeks before I am able to respond fully.