Free family tree templates.

My family tree templates feature an image of a tree I spotted near Clonakilty and Rosscarbery on County Cork’s N71 highway – near where my paternal great grandparents raised their family.

Early summer was in full leaf, providing shade to several ewes and young lambs grazing under its branches – reminding me of scenes my Irish ancestors may have witnessed on their journeys to market.

Perhaps they had themselves sought refuge under its canopy on occasion – whether to escape the scorching Cork sun or wait out an unexpected downpour (I know, this is far-fetched; however, I doubt the tree is all that ancient).

No matter its origins, I decided this gorgeous tree should feature in my genealogy research and thus became the focal point for a selection of templates available below. I hope you like my results.

Select Your Preferred Format
Family tree templates typically come in two formats; either download and print an empty chart ready for completion by hand; or 2) download one onto your computer and fill in its details on-screen before printing it later on. With the latter format, work can be saved at any time allowing for easier printing as it has elegant font coding so as to look even smarter when printed.

Tip for Printing: In order to print an accurate family tree template, it may be necessary to adjust your printer’s margin settings in order to capture it all.