Irish symbols.

Here are a few representative emblems to represent Ireland and Irish heritage.

Irish symbols have become iconic emblems that represent their culture and heritage.

Marketeers and brand managers have exploited them for financial gain; but this does not equate to every ounce of Irishness being squeezed out in the process.

Irish people remain proud to demonstrate their pride for these symbols that represent Ireland and its culture around the globe.

Each emblem holds an intricate history. These iconic pieces represent part of Ireland’s vibrant tapestry in some way – usually by uniting myth with reality and inspiring creative thinking!

Discover more about these iconic Irish symbols:
The Irish Flag – Arguably one of its most prominent emblems – and
The Shamrock, one of Ireland’s most beloved symbols. This three-leafed plant connects to St Patrick, Catholicism, and symbolizes Ireland’s green carpet; serving as an everlasting reminder. Hot and dark with an irresistibly creamy white head; this can only be Irish Coffee
Irish Celtic Crosses combine the traditions of both pagan worship and Christianity, symbolising friendship, love and loyalty – as evidenced by their intricate designs. And their iconic stature stands as impressive reminders of antiquity within Irish landscape. Climb High Crosses dot Ireland’s countryside like giant monuments from antiquity; whilst traditionally Irish rings like the Claddagh Ring symbolise friendship, love and faithfulness for future generations to admire and value.
The Irish Harp: on Irish passports, coins and flags (not to mention being part of one famous brand of stout), the wire-stringed harp serves as the oldest official emblem for Ireland.
Leprechaun: this often-good, sometimes-bad character deserves our respect due to his unpredictable behaviour and associations with those on ‘the other side’. His unpredictable nature gives him something special which must be respected.

Irish symbols provide an accessible means of celebrating Irish heritage.

Nowadays, there are various options available to you for sharing your Irish roots.

From keychain shamrock keyrings to full-on Celtic Cross tattoos, Ireland is represented in many places and ways – and its emblems can adorn just about anything you choose!

Saint Patrick’s Day
Around the globe, 17 March marks an international celebration of Irish heritage that draws more people out than any other date in the calendar.

Unlearn about St Patrick and his history!