Tree templates

Family tree templates available online.

My family tree templates feature an image of a tree (see below) I found near Clonakilty and Rosscarbery on County Cork’s N71, near where my paternal great grandparents raised their families.

Early summer trees provided shelter to some sheep and young lambs, reminding me that my Irish ancestors might have witnessed similar scenes when traveling this road to and from market.

Perhaps they had also sought refuge under that canopy from time to time, either to escape the scorching Cork sun or, more likely, avoid an unexpected shower (I may be exaggerating here; I don’t believe the tree to be that old anyway).

At any rate, I decided that this strikingly-shaped tree deserved its own place in my genealogy research and has therefore become the focal point for a number of templates available here – I hope you like the results.

Choose Your Preferred Format
These family tree templates come in two formats. You can either 1) download and print a chart ready for completion by hand; or 2) download one to your computer and fill in its blanks on-screen before printing it off later. With the latter format, your work can be saved at any time for printing later; these family tree templates feature elegant fonts so they look very snazzy when printed!

Printing tip: In order to complete a family tree template properly, it may be necessary to adjust your printer’s margin settings in order to capture all its details.